Left Behind
Doctor Who Time and Space episode
Twelfth Doctor (James Burnell)
Zack Rogers (Daniel Isaac)
Writer Daniel Isaac
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"The Day of Reckoning" "Medieval Monsters"

Left Behind is the 5th episode in Time and Space Season 2. It guest stars Thomas Davis as Jake Ford.


"I guess it's gonna be more than two hours,"

(Zack Rogers to Jake Ford)

Jake Ford is part of the Defenders Initiative (DOE) and has been left alone ever snce Lucas died and Zack left. He is seen walking down a street and hears the roar of the tardis engines. He ran into his backyard to find Zack there who tells him that he's here for about two hours, but he is forced to stay longer at Jake's house when the tardis mysterously vanishes off of the face of the planet.

Zack and Jake decide to have a game of Fifa on the playstation. Afterwards Jake goes to the shops but meets an alien on the way. Zack saves him and the two run back inside to find the Doctor's image on the screen. The Doctor tells Zack that he was sucked onto an alien ship in orbit and can't get off. He also states that he sent the tardis away just as he landed on the ship so that the Granknoks could not get the tardis. Zack and Jake, now on a mission to find the tardis and send it to the Doctor, encounter another Granknok on the way. Zack ultimately punches the creature and they find the tardis and send it to the Doctor.

The Doctor arrives back on earth to pick up Zack. Zack says his farewells to Jake. Inside the tardis the Doctor said all he did to make the Granknoks go away was give them a bunch of bananas. The two laugh then travel away.


- Jake Ford is a member of the Defenders Initiative, seen in Defendersof Earth

- Lucas O'Brian was a member of the Defenders Initiative, but died when he was caught in an explosion

- This is loosely based on Gareth Robert's The Lodger.

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