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UCIS alien
Appeared in "Frozen World (serial)"

The ArchitectEdit

The The Architect is the main antagonist during the second series of UCIS. Who help to created the Time Agency.


Main article: Auton


Black GuardianEdit

Main article: Black Guardian


The Celestial ToymakerEdit

Main article: The Celestial Toymaker

The ChainsawsEdit

Time Agent alien
Appeared in "Agent Liam"

The first aliens to appear in the series, the Chainsaws are, as the title suggests, chainsaws. They are, however, big in size.

The Chimera VirusEdit

DWAD alien
Appeared in "The Chimera's Game"

The Chimera Virus is an organic virus that infects machines, the DeNatale Doctor and Christine were pitted against it under less than ideal conditions. Can create mirages, mimic the occupants of the TARDIS upon which it is infecting, and suck away the power of a TARDIS.


Main article: Cyberman



Main article: Dalek


Main article: Davros


Main article: Draconian



Dream Realm Enterprises alien
Appeared in "The Net"

A highly evolved race in the constellation of Kasterborous. Ethereal like beings. The Doctor encountered them whilst under suspicion of harming The TARDIS. The Eidolons were able to penetrate The TARDIS and held him and his companion in an isolated area they call The Net, for evaluation.


Main article: James (DWTNR)


The FairyEdit

Time Agent alien
Appeared in "The Musical"

The Fairy is an alien that attempted to bring world peace to the world, but was stopped by Agent Liam.

The Flower AliensEdit

Main article: Flower Aliens


The GraniteEdit

Doctor Who: The Final Doctor alien
Appeared in "Forest of Nightmares"

The Granite is the main antagonist during the episode "Forest of Nightmares". It's a creature that hunts. It has the ability to transport anyone within a thousand miles.


UCIS alien
Appeared in "Frozen World (serial)"

The HunterEdit

The Hunter (or Orion) was a giant huntsman in Greek mythology whom Zeus placed among the stars as the constellation of Orion. Will be series 2 finale enemy.


Ice WarriorEdit

Main article: Ice Warrior


Main article: Illumination


UCIS alien
Appeared in "Frozen World, Second Hour"


Jason is a Memory thief who will give Agent Jayden his dark memories back.


Doctor Who: The New Regenerations alien
First appearance "The Evil One"
Last appearance "TBA"


Kane is a new enemy for the Doctor. Who is known as The Evil One.


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Master BrainEdit

Main article: Master Brain

The Master Edit

Main Article: The Master


Nestene ConsciousnessEdit

Main article: Nestene Consciousness


Main article: Nostrovite



Main article: Omega


Pac-Man GhostsEdit

The Wannabe Doctor encounters with these creatures in Day of the Pac-Man . They kill the Prime Minister and want to destroy the world. The Wannabe Doctor collects a giant circle which turns them blue and they are all defeated with the pac-man machine.



DWAD alien
Appeared in "Equilibrium"

Quinkins are ancient mega-fauna, last seen on Earth in Australia. There are two types - Timara and Imjin.

The Timara are normally passive. They are only a micron thick, allowing them a perfect camouflage by simply turning side on and appearing to vanish. However, it also creates the vulnerability that their molecular structure can be broken down more easily by larger molecules, particularly water.

The Imjin are more aggressive, bestial by nature. Cave dwellers who hunt by night. Water does not harm them, whereas fire does.



Main article: Rutan Host


Shadow CreaturesEdit

Doctor Who: The Final Doctor alien
First appearance "Village of Secrets"
Last appearance "Creatures of the Dark"

The Shadow Creatures are the main antagonists during the two-part episode "Village of Secrets"/"Creatures of the Dark". They're a dangerous race that kill at ease, but decide to attack a village of people.

UCIS alien
First appearance "Silence Z"
Last appearance "Frozen World, Third Hour"

Silence ZEdit

Silence Z is an enemy of Agent Jayden's past as a Time Agent. Who is some kind of entity being.


Main article: Silhouette


Main article: Sontaran



Audio Visuals alien
Appeared in "The Time Ravagers"

The Temperons are beings who exists across numerous time streams. Time travel is a part of their genetic make-up.

Tomorrow CreaturesEdit

Main article: Tomorrow Creatures


Main article: Thomas Kennedy

The TricksterEdit

Main article: The Trickster


Doctor Who: The Final Doctor alien
Appeared in "The Halls of Wax"

The Trysanion is the main antagonist in the episode "The Halls of Wax", where he is found in a museum, where he collects human bodies.


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The VenatorsEdit

Time Agent alien
First appearance "Memoirs of the Lost"
Last appearance "Sins of the Past"

The Venators, a race of green appearance with voices inspired by the comedy Family Guy, appear in the episodes "Memoirs of the Lost" and "Redemption of Mortis" as the main antagonists. They also appear, in cameo, in "Sins of the Past" in a flashback of the Venetorian Galactic War.


Main article: Dreamman

The VoiceEdit

Doctor Who: The Final Doctor alien
Appeared in "The Haunting"

The Voice is the main antagonist in the episode "The Haunting". He hires Ken Williams to assist him in his hunt for the Doctor.


White GuardianEdit

Main article: White Guardian


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Main article: Zakatrons

Zeus Edit

Main Article: Zeus

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