The Time Agency was a group apparently based in the 51st century and employing Human Time Agents. It is unknown how long it existed, but it was shut down sometime in the 51st century. The Agents utilized wrist straps which enabled them to travel through time to go on missions of an unspecified nature.

In the BBC Torchwood series, it is revealed that there are only seven Time Agents left from the original Time Agency, one of which is Captain Jack Harkness.

In fanonEdit

A Series in the 1990's was running with the same name as 'Time Agent'.

In 2006-08, Jaime Carroll had an idea to make a fan-series to invole the Time Agency, but due to a workoverload he handed the project over to Billy Treacy. Since Time Agent began by Billy Treacy, more people started to make there own series based on the idea by Jaime Carroll, but are strictly set in a different universe to Time Agent.

Fan ProductionsEdit

Time Agent (2008-2012)Edit

Produced by Jaime Carroll, Billy Treacy, Matthew Perks and Jon Gransden

Base Members: Agent Mortis (Jaime Carroll), Keith "Nidge" Cookson (Daniel Sherratt), Jennifer Jones (Charlie Holliday), Gabriel Messinger (Andy Fowler)[1]

Base Name: Time Agency: Dartchester City (England), previously Time Agency: East Region 1 (England).

Spin-off Shows: Dan the Cyborg and Dan's Diary

Time Agent: In The Wrong Time (2009)Edit

Produced by Mike Moore

Note: This series was going to be released in 2008, but was delayed and was released in 2009, this was filmed near the same time as Time Agent by Billy Treacy & Jaime Carroll.

Agent X & Agent Smith: Time Agents (2010)Edit

Produced by Dylan Todd, Sickle Media 2010

Base Members: Agent Smith and Agent X

Base Name: Unknown

Spin-off Shows: Agent Smith - Time Agency

Plover Close  (2010-2012)Edit

Produced by Thomas Collins and Matthew Beale

Current Base Members: Agent Jack Barnes & Sally

Base Name: N/A

UCIS (2012)Edit

Produced by Jordan Hope, John Hope, Julie Williams

Base Members: Agent Jayden (Jordan Hope), Callum Frost, Thomas Kennedy

Base Name: Unified Counter Intelligence Service HQ (England)

Time Agent: London (2014)Edit

Produced by (TBA)

Curent Base Members: Ethan White (Cieron Doherty), Angus King (Edward Dovey), Lewis Austerlitz, Alec Austerlitz

Base Name: Time Agency: London & South West Essex

Time Agent: Scotland (TBA)Edit

Produced by Neil Halpin

Current Base Members: Captain Paul Crawford & Agent Ash Brown

Base Name: Time Agency: North Scotland

Time Agent: Irish style (TBA) Edit

Produced by TBA 

Current Base Members TBA 

Base TBA 

The Time Agency (2018) Edit

Produced by Daniel Benbow and Zachariah Sturch

Showrunner: Daniel Benbow

Base Leaders: Director Alfred Horton and Officer Mary Cabot

Base Members: Time Detective James Phillips Time Agents Amelia Nocturne and Richard Travess

Former Base Members: Time Detective Hunter Xenon

Allies: The Doctor

Base Name: Time Agency Base: London, 1992 (Cover identity: Esocentric Travel Agents)

Related Shows: Doctor Who, The Ghost


  1. All four will be part of the base in the fourth series.