Lucas O'Brian is one of the main characters in the 2010 film Defenders of Earth and is portrayed by Brody Olsen.


"My life was pretty crap until I joined the Defenders"

Defenders of EarthEdit

Lucas is one of the main characters of Defenders. His life was really sad and heart breaking, but he met Zack and Jake and joined the Defenders. After that, he went on his first mission alone to find Jake, who had gone missing in the bush across the road. He discovered a Jacua space craft there and entered it, freeing Jake inside. It was there that he met the Jacua, who for some unknown reason blew up his ship, before Lucas could escape, resulting in his death. This would be the main event which would shock Zack forever.

Time and SpaceEdit

Although he doesn't appear in Season 3, he is mentioned by both the Doctor and Jake in Episode 1. He is also seen as a picture when they go to his funeral.

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