Mathew Urch Doctor
No. seasons: Two pilots
No. stories: 2
First appearance: The Devils of Gallipoli
Last appearance: Las Pinturas Negras
Portrayed by: Mathew Urch
Preceded by: Eighth Doctor
Succeeded by: Scott D. Harris Doctor
Series: CP Studios

"This wasn't part of the plan..."


Kind and caring, this Doctor is bold and somewhat easily offended. He also is quick to anger when he is interrupted. Feeling manners are very important, this Doctor is usually complimented for his as they are always impeccable... Well, except when dealing with enemies, of course. He is very careful when he deals with the TARDIS, and repairs her constantly, more so than previous Doctors. His opinions on humanity are mixed, but generally positive. He is insulted to be called human, but would be proud if he actually was one.

This Doctor often has bold plans to defeat an enemy. His erstwhile companion, Whitney Anderson, usually vetoes these, however, much to his irritation... Until she points out all of the plan's flaws, then he nods and insists he knew all along it was a dumb plan. He has an affinity for all varieties of cuisine (his stomach usually doing the driving) and always enjoys a good sporting event, be it anything from golf to water polo.



Please see Mathew Urch Era Stories.


  • While Mathew Urch voices this Doctor, the visual model used is Henry Lloyd-Hughes of The Inbetweeners and A Fantastic Fear of Everything.

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