Medieval Monsters
Doctor Who Time and Space episode
Twelfth Doctor (James Burnell)
Zack Rogers (Daniel Isaac)
Writer Daniel Isaac
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"Left Behind" "Bows and Arrows"

Medieval Monsters is the 6th episode of Time and Space Season 2.


"Little King Arthur, not even a teenager yet, do you want to know why I kidnapped you?"


The Doctor and Zack are fuelling up the tardis in Cardiff, in the rift in time and space, when suddenly thegoes berserk and flies out of control.

The Doctor and Zack exit the tardis and it is nighttime, the two see a knight fightin off a creature. Soon the knight kills the creature and walks over to the Doctor and Zack. To their astonishment i is Sir Lancelot. He tells the Doctor about the kidnapping of King Arthur, and so they move out to help Lancelot find the missing king.

Dracko, the alien who kidnapped King Arthur walks up to the King and tells him why he kidnapped him, saying he's doing it for money.

The Doctor, Zack and Lancelot stop to see in the distance two guards running over to them with swords. Lancelot then gives the Doctor and Sword, ready to fight.


- The tardis is being fuelled up in Cardiff just like in "Utopia"

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