Memoirs in Time
Eighth Doctor
Writer Steve Pearson
Director Steve Pearson
Studio ESE Productions
Broadcast 2008/2009/2011
Production code 26B.3
Running time 43 minutes
Number of
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"The Cyber Seas of Rhye/The Cyberlords of Time" "The Nightmare Man"


The Doctor is tracing a sapient memevore, a creature that has no past of it's own, so it feeds on the unwitting cattle abound in the space/time vortex. Humans, Draconians, Daleks, Eldrich can swallow them all, but the Doctor is proving harder to stop than he thought.

Meanwhile in contempory Earth, Leah, a descendant of the Pollard family tree is feeling the after effects of Eldrich's possession. haunted by the ever creeping presence of the memevore and strange electrical phernomina, she soon finds she is under investigation by a small group of individuals lead by Monahan, investigating into abnormal phenomena .

Can the Doctor finally banish Eldrich from the Pollard family tree? Or will the interfering Monahan, who believes in rationality and logic, stop him from incanting a ritual that should effectively kill Leah?


  • It's possible that the sword the Doctor uses to summon Eldrich is in fact the sword left by his future self from DW: Battlefield.
  • Monahan's paranormal activity team are part of the Scottish branch of Torchwood. This branch is mentioned in the Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood by Captain Jack Harkness to Gwen Cooper in the Series 1 opening episode 'Everything Changes'.



The Doctor - Paul McGann

K9 - Philip Austin

Eldrich - Anthony Wise

Dr Douglas "Danny "Monaghan - James Bird / Bill Paterson

Leah Goodall - Kirsty Stuart

Justine McManus - Dawn Steele

Craig Stevenson - Iain Robertson

Ron Goodall - Ken Drury

Mary Goodall - Judith Sweeney

Charlotte Pollard - Murial Barker

Dr. Philip Duncan - Peter Guinness


First Unit Director - Patrick Harkins

Production NotesEdit

  • Two versions of Memoirs in Time were created. One was the original created by Steve Pearson as part of the Season 26b series and the other was created by ESE Productions as part of their ongoing range. ESE Productions chose to remove references to Charlotte Pollard, update image and sound quality, alter the title sequence and rerecord both Eldrich and K9's voices using different actors. The Doctor's reference to having loved Leah is also removed as are several references to the Doctor's alias Christopher Chambers.

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