Home planet: Earth
Home era: 2001
Travelled with: David Nagel Doctor
First appearance: The Big 'F' Up
Last appearance: to date: Tempromancy of the Daleks
Portrayed by: Michael Maher
Series: DAM Productions

Character HistoryEdit

Well if you sell flour to gangsters you're going to find yourself in deep trouble aren't you, and then of course you'll meet some called the Doctor and generally bug him, get poked in the eye and think your Elisabeth Taylor and say its a personal thing, of course you are, it stands to reason.

Mike is a human alegadly, who travels with the Doctor, for all bar one adventure, and is a walking example of miracles, because its a miracle he's still alive, with soft spot for monkeys and napster, Mike is the Doctor's trusted assistant...but could he be the key to something bigger, bolder and much more dangerous?

With a fine line in bright blue Hawaiian shirts, and striking a pose thats so close to copyright infringing its almost eye burning.

Mike is played by Michael Maher

List of AppearancesEdit

See Also Edit

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