Muppets in Time
Season: "The Vaults"
Story Number: 2
Doctor: Aron Toman Doctor
Companions: N/A
Writer: Aron Toman
Producer: Crossover Adventure Productions
Release Date: 1998
Running Time: 9 minutes
No. Episodes: 1 episodes
Previous Story: Dimensions of the Doctors
Following Story: Dalek Slayers



The Doctor accepts an invitation to become the special guest on a stage show that features the weirdest 'things' in the universe - The Muppet Show! Kermit the frog begins to host a very interesting show, but the Time Lord is quickly dismayed as a bunch of old 'friends' appear on the scene and start to annoy a certain Miss Piggy...


to be added


to be added


Starring Aron Toman as the Doctor and Jim Henson's Muppets


The Doctor: Aron Toman
Kermit The Frog: 'Jim Henson' & 'Steve Whitmire'
Animal, Fozzie Bear & Miss Piggy: 'Frank Oz'
Dr. Honeydew, Gonzo & Wardolf: 'Dave Goelz'
Statler: 'Jerry Nelson'
Clifford: 'Kevin Clash'


Sound Design: Aron Toman
Music: Aron Toman
Original Theme: Ron Grainer
Arrangement: Aron Toman
Cover Art: Aron Toman
Director/Producer: Aron Toman

Production NotesEdit



Downloadable audio page @ Crossover Adventure Productions

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