New Beginnings
The Doctor Who Project episode
TDWP 9th Doctor
Writer John Gordon
Broadcast 2004
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"The End" "The Librarian of Serapea"



The End becomes a New Beginning. After the shock of killing the Doctor, Silver is now confronted by someone she barely knows - a complete stranger, but one with whom she now shares the deepest of connections. It is a new Doctor, born from the blood and violence of the old one. Who is this new Doctor, so different from the one who plunged into the mud of the New Orleans swamp? As the TARDIS lands on a mysterious asteroid orbiting Earth's sun, Silver realises she might have much more to learn about the true nature of her ever-enigmatic travelling companion. The twenty-second century is a time of change. In the aftermath of the second greatest climatic and environmental upheaval the planet has ever experienced, the planet is like a brand new Earth. But something dark and terrible has come to this brave new world from a mysterious asteroid in orbit around the sun - something once imprisoned and now free. On a tiny island in the Arctic Sea, under the shadow of an ancient lighthouse, Silver and the new Doctor unearth a millennia old saga of crime and revenge, and a newly awakened threat. But just whose side is this new Doctor on?


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