Object permanence cd j card
Object Permanence
Season: 33
Story Number: 162
Doctor: James K. Flynn Doctor
Companions: Christine
Writer: Julio Angel Ortiz
Producer: DWAD
Release Date: 2005
Running Time: 83 minutes
No. Episodes: 4 episodes
Previous Story: Time's Champions
Following Story: Emblems of Darkness



All is not well in the seaside town of Middleshire. The old lighthouse/inn has sprung back to life recently and, eerily enough, the town seems to rearrange itself at random. There's also a strange man who has wandered into town. A man who is calling himself the Doctor!


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Doctor Who/The Doctor played by James K. Flynn
Christine played by Rachel Sommers
Nerice Fetner played by Shannon Hilchie
Cassandra Krevling played by Kagome Higurashi
Chapel played by Sue Parkinson
Mrs. Krevling played by Sarah Parnell
Hamilton played by Benjamin Dane
Fredericks played by Jason Bailey
Chief Brody played by Johb(John?) Sweeney
Nun played by Jodi Altendorf


Script Editor: Fawn Adamson
Title Music: John Debney
Graphics: WHO3D
Story by: Julio Angel Ortiz
Special Sounds: Everlasting Films
Produced by: Thomas Himinez
Executive Producer: David Segal
Directed by: Charles Danbee

Production NotesEdit

Production Code: 17F1
(c) 2005 Infinite Imagination


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