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The Master - Phil Newton

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No. stories: 4 (to date)
First appearance: A Stitch in Time
Last appearance: Pudsai
Series: The Projection Room

The Phil Newton Master is the name given to the fan incarnation of the Time Lord The Master, portrayed by Phil Newton.

Having taken over from the Orazio Rea incarnation, whom had in turn taken over from the Robin Castle version before him, 'The Master' in Phil Newton's incarnation owes a lot to his previous life as Anthony Ainley (possibly with a hint of Robert Delgado in his personality), reinforced by his choice of the iconic black, velvet tailcoats, replete with silver embroidered collars. Less so the subtle, chameleon renegade, blending in to Earth society; here we have a Master who almost mimics the Doctor in his desire to stand out and be noticed, as seen in Masterplan and Gene Genius. It's almost as if he has a flagrant disregard for protocol and etiquette, and only adopts conventional Earth clothing when it suits him rather than as the norm, suggesting almost a self-destructive element is beginning to surface in his character.

Indeed, by this point in the Master's lives he is becoming progressively more unbalanced and more chilling, the result of centuries of defeat at the Doctor's hands.

A Stitch in TimeEdit

Main article: A Stitch in Time

The Master's first act of revenge in this incarnation is to steal the time-scoop technology from the Tomb of Rassilon and try to use it to literally wipe the Doctor from history, plucking him out of time itself to play a cruel game - a game that will enable him to assassinate various incarnations of the Doctor....


Main article: Masterplan

Thwarted by the combined efforts of the Doctors he trapped with the time-scoop, this Master is rescued by some of his longest-standing allies - the Daleks - and wreaks an orchestrated campaign to kill his tormentor once and for all, fulfilling his plan from the start of The Projection Room's series of adventures. His self control is now held on a knife edge and he thinks nothing of gunning the Doctor down - twice - whilst playing a dangerous game of plot and counter-plot with two wary allies...

Gene GeniusEdit

Main article: Gene Genius

The Master returns once more to '70s Britain to battle with two TV incarnations - the 3rd Doctor (John Field Doctor) and the 7th Doctor, along with companion 'Ace'. Resorting more to his wiles of old, the Master infiltrates a research establishment and, under the guise of a reknowned academic, wins over the project director and uses their facilities to further his own plans...


In ActionEdit


A Stitch in Time - Part 2


Masterplan - Part One


Masterplan - Part Two


Masterplan - Part Four

The Master & McCoy

Gene Genius - Episode 3

Philip Newton


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