Red centre flyer
Red Centre

The Professor is relaxing in Darwin when a CIA agent contacts him. Deep inside Uluru (Ayre's Rock) an ancient evil is stirring, and the Professor is needed to stop it! The evil King Billy is trapped inside the rock, but is growing stronger.

The Professor must enter the rock and defeat King Billy before he escapes and wreaks havoc on the Earth! The final exciting story of the Seventh Professor!

12D - Red Centre
Production Code 12D
Professor Seventh
Featuring Andrew Boland, Tim Long, George Goris, Chris Goldby & Adrian Valenta
Running Time 1 episode, 26 mins
Filmed October 2008, Melbourne, Darwin & Uluru

Preceeded by Lalibela

Followed by Gangs of Oakleigh

Youtube Red Centre (1/2)

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