11 - "Redemption of Mortis"
Redemption of Mortis
Time Agency
East Region
Billy Treacy (Agent Liam)
Allan Rafferty (Robin Turner)
Sebby Treacy (Dan)
Guest Cast

Jaime Carroll (Agent Mortis)
Eleanor Hadfield (Hannah)
Billy Treacy (Venator Voices)

Harry Williams (Ben Goodlad)(uncredited)

Matt Williams (Danny Gould) (uncredited)

Writer Jaime Carroll
Producer(s) Billy Treacy
Jaime Carroll
Director(s) Billy Treacy
Jaime Carroll
Production code 2.3
Series Time Agent: Series II

Original YouTube

Broadcast 27 March 2010
Preceded by "Crescent Street"
Followed by "The Musical"

"Redemption of Mortis" is the third episode of the second series of the British science fiction YouTube fan series Time Agent.


Whilst a smoking lone Venator Ship heads towards the Earth, Dan is training up a new best friend, Dr Robin Turner has mysteriously gone missing and the evil Agent Mortis has broken out of the code in which he has been imprisoned. Can Agent Liam save the day completely, or will sacrifices have to be made?


Originally, a comedic post-closing titles scenes was to be filmed showing one of the Venators alive before Dan approaches it and asks it to be its pet. The Venator then proceeds to shoot itself.[1]


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