Ryan Gargett Doctor

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Number of Series:
1 (so far)
Number of Episodes:
12 (so far)
First Episode Appeared In:
Good Afternoon Miss O'Connor
Last Episode To Appear In:
Previous Incarnation:
Matt Smith (Unofficially)
Next Incarnation:
Thirteenth Doctor
Doctor Who (Ryan Gargett Era)
Produced by:
Eyebridge Studios

Character DescriptionEdit

Played by Ryan Gargett. The Doctor is in his 12th body, now aged 920, or at least that's what he says. He wears various variations of Jeans, Shirt and Waist coat, whilst wearing his Scarf, Boots and Black Long Coat.

He has developed a some what strong Geordie accent, with a rather abrasive personality. Less polite than his previous incarnations he has a tendancy of pushing people out of his way. He also frequently talks to him self and laughs at jokes he makes, whether they're funny or not.

Character HistoryEdit

We first encounter the Twelfth Doctor in 2012 when he is chasing a storm attacking earth, initially he underestimates the storm and is crashing to earth becoming seperated from the TARDIS.

In this time he encounters Kristina O'Connor (Kris) a young women who is desperatly seeking some excitement in her life. After they work together to stop the Elementors, he offers her the chance to travel with him and keep him company on his adventures, also helping keep her from the life of crime she was previously involved in.

Sometime between episodes in the series, The Doctor drops Kris off for a few hours. In that time he was pulled into an alternate reality where he met another Doctor (The Unofficial Doctor Who - "Sunday Service")

At some other point in his time stream, again the Doctor was brought to a parallel Doctor's TARDIS being able to land within the main control room. During their short time together they confront a Smoke Monster and work together to seperate and get back to their realities. The Doctor tells the parallel Doctor about his regeneration being linked to 6 numbers and the answers he wants, lies within the numbers.

Sometime after the Doctor met the Parallel Doctor again, via video feed where he warned The Doctor of an impending danger. Due to actions in the parallel world the Doctor temporarily faded from reality.

The frequent jumps into alternative realities is to tie in with a sub plot running through the first series and future ones, eventually tying into the finale series when it is written.

Companions Edit

Kristina O'Connor

Links Edit

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