thumb|300px|rightDoctor Who Series 18 (2008)Edit

This series was made between January - August 2008 and was not uploaded onto YouTube till February 2009. This series had an impossibly small cast and crew with Producer and Actor Sam Morgan In Charge.

On Christmas 2008, A christmas Special was made with a cast of Sam Morgan and George Robinson

Doctor Who Series 19 (2009)Edit

thumb|300px|rightThis Series was made shortly after Series 18 concluded on YouTube. The Whole Series consisted of a cast of Sam Morgan, Max Jordan, Tariq Shaath and Katy Kerr.Edit

Then at Christmas 2009, yet another special was made with a cast of Sam Morgan, Max Jordan, Tariq Shaath and Jordan Devlin.

Samuelgrmorgan 18:08, February 18, 2011 (UTC)

Doctor Who Series 20 (2010)Edit

Just Before the Filming of this, An Easter Special was made called

"Attack of the Plasmavore"

Doctor Who Series 20 was left unfinished with Episodes 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 not done for personal reasons. But the whole series was meant to have consisted of a cast of Sam Morgan, Emma Pierce, Abbey Pierce, Ciaran Barnes, Calvin Smallwood, Tariq Shaath, George Robinson and Tristan Cuthbert. Abbey Pierce was never meant to hit the screens because she was always behind the camera.

Specials (2011)Edit

next epsioed will be final stand

Darkess Withn OUTNOW
TBA Summer 2011

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