Sammy index
Home planet: Earth
Home era: 2001
Travelled with: David Nagel Doctor Matthew Chambers Doctor
First appearance: Time and the Doctors
Last appearance: to date: Pudsai
Portrayed by: Sammy Nagel
Series: DAM Productions

Character HistoryEdit

The Real Mystery....

After the final adventure in the alternate universe... the Doctor re-awakens in his TARDIS, safe and sound, but again with another companion, now called Sammy. Now the Doctor is back in his own place in time and space, but with no memory of his present self up, all he has to rely upon is the companion known as Sammy.

Sammy is by her own statement a photo journalist from the 21st century investigating the strange goings on in London when she met the Doctor and from there. She is no ones fool, strong willed with a dynamite right hook. An amatuer slueth at heart with the ability to outwit the Doctor and see things that even he would overlook. She is in all ways, and more, the Doctor's equal if not his better.

Sammy is played by Sammy Nagel

List of AppearancesEdit

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