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Season 26B of Doctor Who started on 1st March 2008 and is ongoing. It stars Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor.


The season currently consists of eight episodes, with a further eight currently in production. Unlike the original Doctor Who series, in which stories consisted of as few as two and as many as twelve 25-minute episodes, stories in the revived series consist mainly of individual 45-minute episodes and occasional two or three part stories.It features the reintroduction of the Eighth Doctor and currently this season features the return of numerous characters from previous series canon. The series consists of fifteen episodes and one mini episode.

Webcast StoriesEdit

# Title Writer Episodes Notes

Memoirs in Time

Steve Pearson 1

Appearance of Torchwood.

First appearance of K9.


The Cyber Seas of Rhye/The Cyber Lords of Time

Steve Pearson 2 Features the Cybermen and the Cybusmen
4 The Dream Master Steve Pearson 1

Features the Master and Lucy Saxon

5 The Girl That Time Forgot Steve Pearson 1

Features Kate Stewart and the Trickster

6 Time of the Destroyer Steve Pearson 1

Features the Destroyer and Abbadon.

First appearance of Lucie Miller

7 The Curse of Renwick Steve Pearson 1

Features River Song and the Zygons.

Final regular appearance of Lucie Miller

8 Daughter of Karn Steve Pearson 1 Features Morbius, Miss Song and the Clockwork Droids.

First appearance of Izzy Sinclair.


The Cottingley Mystery Steve Pearson 1 Features the Arcateenians.

Final regular appearance of K9.

10 Playing Happy Families Steve Pearson 1 Features the War Doctor, Grace Holloway and the Celestial Toymaker.
11 The Infinity Doctors Steve Pearson 1

Features Omega, the Graske, the Weevils, the Ninth Doctor, Eleventh Doctor and Rose Tyler

12 Reptile Wisdom Steve Pearson 1 Features the Terileptils

Izzy Sinclair does not appear.

13 Prisoner of Sontar Steve Pearson 1 Features the Sontarans, Judoon, Chang Lee, Miss Song and Susan.

Final regular appearance of Izzy Sinclair.

14 Time Wounds Steve Pearson 1 Features the Brigadier and Ace.

Final appearances of Chang Lee, Miss Song, Izzy Sinclair, Grace Holloway & Lucie Miller.

14a The Forgotten Tony Lee 1 Mini-episode
15 Children of Gallifrey Steve Pearson & James Walker 1 Final episode

Features the Daleks



  • The Doctor - Paul McGann
  • Izzy Sinclair Price - Jemima Rooper (6 episodes)
  • Lucie Miller - Sheridan Smith (2 episodes)
  • Voice of K9 - Austin Phillips (10 episodes)
  • Voice of the Eighth Doctor - Andrew Merkelbach/Wink Taylor


  • Douglas Monaghan - Bill Paterson
  • Horatio Hornblower - Ioan Gruffudd
  • Lucy Saxon - Alexandra Moen
  • Jane Tarrant - Lucy Griffiths
  • Miss Song - Alex Kingston
  • Omega - Peter Davison
  • Ninth Doctor - Christopher Eccleston
  • Tenth Doctor - David Tennant
  • Rose - Billie Piper
  • Chantir - John Guilor
  • War Doctor - John Hurt

Continuity PlacementEdit

It is unclear where Season 26b is set. It is obviously set  after the TV movie in which the Seventh Doctor regenerated into the Eighth Doctor but before the events of The Night of the Doctor. Given the addition of K9 and Romana it's safe to say that it can be placed either after EDA: The Gallifrey Chronicles or before EDA: Vampire Science. Due to the style and tone of the productions, it is more likely to be set after EDA: The Gallifrey Chronicles and with the recent inclusion of Lucie Miller between BFA: Death in Blackpool and BFA: Situation Vacant. His hair is (usually) short, so placement after X and the Daleks is presumable.

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