Season 35 of Doctor Who v2 was the fictional season of 1998. It was the final season to feature the Eighth Doctor, and was the first to use the Ninth, and also introduced companion Gena Chaudri, who would remain with the new Doctor throught his run. It introduced the Psychic Paper into the shows myhtos, and was the second season to be produce in the new five story season format. The series re-intrdouced the Krynoids and Axons, as well as the Sontarans, who were given a new 'punk-ated' look. It also introduced us to new villains the Cybermummies, drone Cybermen created from decayed cadavers, the Snippers and a new reacurring villain in the form of the Grey's.


8F- Legacy of the Crystal Skulls (6 episodes)Edit

1908- The Doctor and Flavia land in the dense South American Jungle, and join Fredrick Mitchell-Hedges on there infamous expedition. But what is the terrible secret of the Crystal Skulls, and will there creeping energies give power to the Doctors oldest foe?

8G- The Watchworld Prophecies (7 episodes)Edit

In the distant future, a white hole has ripped through the heart of the Watchworld, the universes premier time research facility and largest depository of time pieces. Flavia is trapped on the Hyperion VII, a intergalatic space yacht crashing into the anomoly. The Doctor is trapped within the Watchworld, desperatly trying to prevent the expedition sent to investiagte to leave. But as the 15th century prophet Nostradamus similtaneously narrates the events, has the Doctor gone too far?

8H- The Death of Yesterday (9 episodes)Edit

Desperatly running from his own fate, the Doctor lands in the present day at RAF Langshore in Lancashire. Meanwhile, in 2198, the space station USS Ressurection is invaded by Sontarans, who aim to use its experimental drive to create a SONTARDIS. But when the drive is engaged, all of reality is hurled into chaos, and the Doctor, with his new companion Captain Gena Chaudri, lost in a sea of dead TARDISes and desperatly hoping to return to the correct Earth, the Watchworld Prophecy comes to pass...

8I- The Krynoid Effect (3 episodes)Edit

Dying from radiation poisoning, the Doctor regenerates, but the TARDIS, still self reparing, drifts off course and crashes into a mysterious shooting star. The 'star' is the last of the Krynoids, crashing into the Black Forest of 1937. The TARDIS, with the New Doctor,

8J- The Golden Ones (4 episodes)Edit

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