The Silurians (Homo Reptillia) are reptillian humanoids from millions of years ago, they hibernated and later woke up. Different species or tribes woke up at different times. When they woke up, they realized that the humans had evolved. They then wanted the Earth back for themselves. The Doctor has tried to make piece with the Silurians many times, always failing when somebody dies.


The Silurians are reptiles from Earth. They're appearance changes all the time, the first Silurians looked very different to the third ones. The first ones appeared alongside the Third Doctor in Doctor Who and the Silurians. While the second ones appeared alongside the Fifth Doctor in Warriors of the Deep. The third species appeared in the two Eleventh Doctor episodes: The Hungry Earth and Cold Blood which are two parts.
Warriors of the Deep Silurian

As seen in Warriors of the Deep


As seen in the Hungry Earth


Actual televised DW episodes:Edit

  • Doctor Who and the Silurians
  • Warriors of the Deep
  • The Hungry Earth & Cold Blood

Fanmade NovelsEdit

Wannabe DoctorEdit


The Predators are black creatures, they are one meter heigh at the head. Reaching two meters long from head to tail. They are strong, built for protection. They always do as ordered by the Silurians. They sport over sixty razor sh

A Predator

arp teeth and a bite force of 450kg. They're eye's are on stalks on their massive heads.

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