Symbiote Doctor
No. seasons: TBA
No. stories: TBA
First appearance: Scream Of The Shalka
Last appearance: TBA
Portrayed by: Dinosaur77777
Preceded by: TBA
Succeeded by: TBA
Series: Symbiote Productions

This page has all the information on the Doctor from the Symbiote Productions Doctor Who Series


This incarnation of the Doctor was very mad usually overeacting to the simplest of things. Also very violent seen using many firearms.


When he first regenerated he met Alison, a young girl who's parents owned a pub. After defeating a Shalka in her basement he went back to his Tardis alone. When his Tardis dissapeared he went to U.N.I.T where he met Greyhound 8 Will and Greyhound 9 Harry. After they betrayed him he very much hated them, but after a dangerous escape from UNIT HQ they joined him to destroy the Shalka.What happened to them is unknown. After some travels he met someone called Drake Sampson who strangely looked just like him. After saving him from a werewolf he teleported out of the area. When they met again their conversation was interupted by a spaceship crash. After the colission the Doctor took off in the Tardis. Drake stayed on Earth and is still looking for him. In 2009 the Doctor landed near a UNIT Base. When searching for alien life he was caught by Ryan O'neill, a UNIT Officer, and imprisoned. After some strange experiences with a Sontaran the Doctor saved Ryan's life. He was about to take off when Ryan entered the Tardis uninvited. Before the Doctor could kick him out the Tardis locked on to a Distress Signal sending them hurtling through time.

List Of StoriesEdit

-Scream Of The Shalka (2007)

-Who is Doctor Who? (2008)

-Time, Space And Sontarans (2009)

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