TARDISELLIOT PRODUCTIONS is a production company currently developing a new Doctor Who fan series detailing the Adventures of the Eigth Doctor. It is owned by Sam Elliot, tardiselliot (youtube ID), who currently has uploaded many doctor who title sequence remix's.

2013 will see the release of a special live action movie based on the Time War

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The TeamEdit

Sam J H Elliot: Owner of TEP, Director, Executive Producer, Writer, Script Editor, Special Effects.

Jonny Hewitson: Director, CGI animator, Designer -- Aka Jony Productions.

About the SeriesEdit

Series logo

Series Logo

TEP is to launch a new Audio Based Drama series of Doctor Who. This series may take on the apperance of a motion comic should the initial testing suceed.

Whilst we can not confirm at this stage it is hoped to base the series around the adventures of the Eighth Doctor and new companion Elisabeth Walker. The show would serve as a lead in to the fan film Time War.

Originally created to appear in the Ryan Gargett series, James Taylor will make his first apperance in the show as voiced by Sam Elliot


Whilst it is unkown what format the series will now be taken I have reformatted the season story arcs into a more contained 6 episode season structure. The main plot elements will be retained but may take place in a new order. At Present we are looking at Audio Drama Format

Season 1

No Episode title Writer Release Date
1 Reborn Sam Elliot
2 Ark of Reality Sam Elliot
3 War Zone Sam Elliot
4 Guardian Sam Elliot
5 Ruins of the Damned Sam Elliot
6 Rivals in Time Sam Elliot

Season 2

No Episode title Writer Release Date
1 Survival of the Daleks Sam Elliot
2 Warrior Sam Elliot
6 Chaos Sam Elliot

Season 3

No Episode title Writer Release Date
2 Déjà Vu Sam Elliot
3 Prison Break Sam Elliot
5 Shadows in the Ice Sam Elliot
6 Time of the Cybermen Sam Elliot

Season 4

No Episode title Writer Release Date
1 Legacy of the Daleks Sam Elliot
2 The Osiron Trap Sam Elliot
3 Return to Kaldor City Sam Elliot
4 Reflection Sam Elliot
5 Reign of the Master Sam Elliot
6 Masters of Reality Sam Elliot

Season 5

No Episode title Writer Release Date
1 Who am I? Sam Elliot
2 Conversion Sam Elliot
3 Immortality Sam Elliot
4 Davros Sam Elliot
5 Dual Identity Sam Elliot
6 Sacrafices Sam Elliot

Season 6

No Episode title Writer Release Date
1 Broken Sam Elliot
2 Myths & Legends Sam Elliot
3 Deaths Champion Sam Elliot
4 Love and War Sam Elliot
5 Nexus Point Sam Elliot
6 Times Champion Sam Elliot


The Twelfth Doctor: The Doctor is recently ressurected at the opening of Doctor Who Reborn having died in battle in his Eleventh Body. He doesn't know why hes been brought back and for that reason is short tempered and easily annoyed. His sense of right and wrong has become clouded since his regener

Doc des6

Early Design of the Doctor

ation. At the same time he finds everything highly exciting missing some of the important details.

His style is based upon the space cowboy style from Firefly, specifically the character Malcome Reynolds costume.

The Twelfth Doctor will feature in the complete run of the series.

Liz Walker: Liz is a writer who meets the doctor whilst investigating the dissaperance of her friend. She joins the Doctors company who has promised to show her wonders that will make her the greatest novelist that ever lived. Appears in Seasons 1 – 4 & 6.

James Taylor: 2 – 4 (Reoccurring 5 & 6)

Cameron: Season 5

The TARDIS In the series the TARDIS undergos a regeneration forming a brand new design console room, whilst the external police box remains largely the same the interior will take on elements of Paul McGanns gothic look TARDIS whilst having its own unique design.

Further Information

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