TWDP 8th Doctor
No. seasons: 7
No. stories: 54
First appearance: Best Enemy
Last appearance: The End
Portrayed by: "Jeremy Banks-Walker" (basis unknown)
Preceded by: Seventh Doctor
Succeeded by: TDWP 9th Doctor
Series: The Doctor Who Project


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Brief EncountersEdit

The Eighth Doctor has yet to appear in this range.


  • Beauty is Only... by Scott Marshall
    • This story features Tamara, and takes place early in her adventures with the Doctor, probably between Black Magic and Blossom Core. Its canonicity is dubious as it was pulled from publication prior to its release as a special.
  • Stone and Cauldron by Jodie van de Wetering
    • This story features Tamara and Grae, and takes place between Leaving the Red and Gunpowder.