Dr. Taryn Fischer
Home planet:
Travelled with: TDWP 8th Doctor
First appearance: Convergence
Last appearance: The White Death
Series: The Doctor Who Project

Character HistoryEdit

Dr. Fischer is Grae's replacement as Science officer on board the Terran Colony Alliance (TCA) ship Cheyenne II (introduced in Gunpowder). She specialized in contagious diseases while at the TCA Medical Academy. Cmdr Kathryn Poole (Commander of the Cheyenne II), however does not think very highly of Taryn as she was forced upon her as a bribe to keep her command.

Taryn is an extremely attractive woman in her late twenties whose talent in the medical field is moderate. She has a natural affinity for it, but has become accustomed to skating by on her charisma and her looks. Also, being the neice of TCA President Ralvac Welles hasn't hurt either. She's tactless and graceless but bold and somewhat fearless. She often bodly enters into situations that are well over her head. Have no fear, though, her uncle was always there to bail her out.

In an attempt to make something of herself, she convinced her uncle to enroll her in the medical academy when, as stated above, she showed moderate promise but due to her not receiving very high marks, she was unable to find work in the field. Enter Uncle Ralvy...

Cmdr Poole was in hot water due to the events of Gunpowder so she agreed to take Taryn on as Scinece Officer in order to keep her command. Their relationship is strained at best.

In Convergence, the Doctor takes her on board in a last minute deal with Poole. Promising to drop her off on Maltosh, she ends up staying for a series of adventures. Despite all her negative qualities, Taryn's heart is always in the right place as is her desire to help people. She just lacked the stomach for the Doctor's lifestyle. After the death of Tamara Scott, she takes the first opportunity to abandon ship that comes to her.

List of AppearancesEdit

Season 32Edit

And the Clocks Struck Thirteen

Season 33Edit

The Dawn of Time
The White Death

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