"That is so petty!"

Tea and Diplomacy Cover
Tea and Diplomacy
Story Number: 1
Companions: Calapine
Producer: DNA
Release Date: 6th March 2005
Running Time: 21 minutes
No. Episodes: 2 episodes
Following Story: The Classy Cafe



The TARDIS lands somewhere in England and the Doctor seems desperate to locate a pencil - it's vital. However, such a venture may, and probably will, result in him getting separated from his charming companion, the Time Lady Calapine, she with the voice that turns men's legs to jelly and with a bedside manner sure to outdo the Royal Mail. When a strange old man, desperately seeking to offload his collected confectionery, requests the assistance of said Time Lady, a sparkling tale of tea, scones and cynicism unfolds that probably won't affect the Doctor and Calapine one iota.


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Companion Sunny is mentioned in the story's epilogue despite not appearing until the following story.


Production Notes Though steps have been taken to produce the best possibly audio quality under a small and easily downloadable file size, there may be some hissing. Please put this down to radio nostalgia.


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