The 3 Doctors
Doctor(s) :
10th Doctor

11th Doctor

DMCDW/Devante 12th Doctor
monster (s) :
Dalek empire, cybus cyberman
Prouduced by :
Directed by :
Compaions :
release date : running time :
origonally : 24th December 2008

Updated : 3rd March 2009

season :
Episode :
previous story :
following story :

Plot Edit

The 10th Doctors TARDIS Begins to explode because of a Time bubble around him. This effects the 12th Doctor who suffers from cosmicants and is caused to land in an field where he encounters a Dalek the dalek then chases him around a house the 12th Doctor summons his TARDIS . Meanwhile the 11th Doctor is injured as he and the 10th Doctor are now trapped in to TARDIS.. The 12th Doctor Follows the Teliport pattrean left by the Dalek to a hidden Dalek ship he then talks to the dalek empire who try to exterminate him but is stopped ny the Tenth Doctor who presses a button in his TARDIS which Destroys the daleks but the emporor escapes. the Doctors then say good by to eachother and go on the abnormal life....

Discontinuty Edit

  • The 10th Doctors Suit changes from Blue to Brown
  • Jackson lake isnt the Doctor.
  • The cybermen do nothing to the Doctor
  • The 12th Doctor has a Hat on at the start but is lost after the Titles.

Continuty Edit

  • This is set For 10th Doctor Jouneys end - Planet of the Dead

                           11th - ???? - ?????

                           12th Cold heart - Cyber

  • Cosmicants  was last seen in "The five Doctors"
  • The 3 Doctors is also the name of a 3rd dr episode
  • The Dalek emporor was last seen in "the parting of the ways"

Prouduction notes / behind the scenes Edit

  • This is the First filmed thing DMCDW prouductions has ever done.
  • Speculation caused us to make Jackson lake the 11th Doctor since we thought the rumor was true
  • The 10th Doctors scenes are used from varous episodes and mabey the first multi Doctor episode to feature David tennant in.
  • This episode was realsed on youtube and will not be on a DVD 

Episode link. Edit

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