Doctor Who: The Arrival
Adam Taylor
Tim, Crayil
Writer Aaron J Climas
Director Aaron J Climas
Studio Imperial Productions Studios
Broadcast 2004
Production code 1.2
Running time 3x 24 min & 45 min completion
Number of
← Preceded by Followed by →
"Warriors of Espia" "The Artefact (In production)"



The Doctor, Tim and Crayil arrive in Mt Gambier, South Australia and find a newspaper reporting reporting a death. The face of the dead man is the Doctor. There are gangsters on the streets, and their head man GeGaris is acting very oddly. However, before the Doctor can go off to play detectives, he and his companions are shot dead.


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This story follows on from the Warriors of Espia, however has no direct links.


The film was written over two weeks, and shot over a following fortnight during a heat wave. Pickups followed for another 11 months, getting all the shots. The DVD was finished in 2005. A 2008 Red-edit changed the story into a single 45 minute production, that omits a number of scenes that were repeated, and cuts a lot of lengthy info dump scenes.


The Doctor - Adam Taylor

Tim - Dennis Crowder

Crayil - Janine Climas

DeGaris - David Muchamore

Dagger - Jacob Jones

Old De'Garis - Meredith Dharmarajah

Woolsie - Bright Larkin

Marie - Shannaka Beverage


Written and Directed by - Aaron J Climas

Produced by - Fran Kennedy

Camera - Karl Kloeden

Camera - Matthew Elliott

Lighting - Lucas Seebohm

Production NotesEdit

This was the second film Aaron J Climas and his friends made in High School, the following summer. Bigger, better with everything much bigger, including twice the duration and three times the amount of shooting this was going to the the middle part of the trilogy. One day it should be finished. The DVD re-edit is far superior, and as of early 2009 is awaiting a musical score to be added before release on the Doctor Who Fan-Film Database.

See alsoEdit

Warriors of Espia

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