Dawn of Time
The Doctor Who Project episode
TDWP 8th Doctor
Grae, Taryn
Writer John Gordon
Broadcast 2003
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"And the Clocks Struck Thirteen" "The White Death"



The death of Tamara Scott has plunged the TARDIS crew into grief and discord. Taryn believes that the Doctor and Grae are guilty of using Tamara as a pawn - sacrificing her to their own plans and ambitions, an accusation the Doctor finds uncomfortably difficult to deny. He tries to seek solace in the depths of the TARDIS, and comfort in familiar surroundings and ancient relics of his own past, while Grae looks for tranquility in a solitary walk on an alien world. Left alone with her thoughts in the rooms and corridors she once shared with Tamara, Taryn decides the time has come for her to leave the Doctor and return to her own life. But when the TARDIS strands Grae on a dead world, and then hurls the Doctor into the middle of a war zone, it is Taryn who discovers that even the end is not always what it seems. The TARDIS is invaded, and Taryn becomes a pawn herself in a deadly battle for control of the past and the future. In the company of ghosts and phantoms, the time-travellers discover that an ancient foe is reshaping its destiny, and that a new and terrible dawn is about to break upon the universe...


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