After Years
The Device of the Cybermen
Series: Season 1 (After Years)
Story Number: 1
Doctor: The 25th Doctor (Introduction)
Companions: Sky Volish
Ross Islands
Commander Gordan Lethbridge
Enemy: Cybermen
Nightmare (cameo)
Setting: Heather
UNIT base 9, 2014
Format: 1x45 minute episode
Previous Story: -
Following Story: TBA

The Device of the Cybermen is the first episode in the Doctor Who: After Years series.



The Doctor has just regenerated and landed on Earth, meeting Sky and a invasion of the Cybermen. But, the Cybermen have a trick up their metal sleeves.


A clipshow of Sky appears, Sky gets up for bed eats breakfast, goes to work, locks up the store, eats pizza goes to bed

Sixth time, she wakes up

Beth: Sky! Time for work!

She wakes up, in a grumpy and tired attitude

Sky: Mum, don't you get bored of the same thing?

Beth: What do you mean?

Sky: The same thing OVER and OVER again!

Beth: Don't be silly, come on. Now, get your stuff ready for work, sweety!

Sky: (sigh) You're right, Mum, Bye.

Beth: Bye try to have fun for once.

Sky drives to work, only to find loads of spaceships are in the sky

Sky: Impossible...

A cyberman walks in front of the car and smashes the window screen

Sky: Wow...

A man opens the door and grabs her hands and pulls and runs

Sky: What's happening!?

MAN: Aliens have come to see what tea tastes like! DUH! INVASION!

Sky: Which aliens?

MAN: I'll explain later, just go home and get some french fancies ready, ok?

Sky: Where you going and who are you?

Man: I'm... That's just thing, I don't know. But there's something I have always been.

Sky: What's that, then?


Sky smurks and watches the Man go into a blue box and fly off and she runs off to her house

In her house

Beth: Oh my god, honey you're SAFE!

Beth hugs Sky

Sky: Mum, clam down! Now, a man's coming around my house and he can help with these aliens! But, he's a bit strange.

Beth: Why's he coming here?

Sky: I don't know...

Someone knocks on the door, Sky answers it and it's a Cyberman

Sky: No! Not now!

Beth runs into the kitchen and grabs the microwave and lobs it at the Cyberman

Cyberman: You're rudeness will be deleted once you are assimilated!

Sky: What do you mean by that?

Cyberman: Do you have French fancies?

Sky: No, why?


Sky: No, no, no!

Cyberman: God! This head gets sweaty!

Sky: Exuse me?

The Cyberman pulls off his head and it is revealed to be the Man

Man: Woo! Now, did someone mention french fancies!?

Sky and Beth look at the Man angrily

Man: What? WHAT!?

Theme music

The Man sits on the sofa with Sky and a Cyberman suit on without the head

Sky: Where'd you get that suit?

Doctor: I had lying around in my blue box.

Sky: And who are you really?

Man: Besides from spectacular, I'm the Doctor.

Sky: Doctor Who?

Doctor: That's so OLD! It's just the Doctor, ok!?

Sky: Ok, I guess so. Mind my manners, but takes THAT bloody suit off!

Doctor: Alright, but I need a proper suit, come with me!


Sky: Wait, if there's invasion, why aren't we dead?

Doctor: I have this! It stops anything living from noticing us within about 3 miles but it expires in ten minutes.

The Doctor and Sky enter the TARDIS, Sky is astounished

Sky: Wow, this is the best I'v seen today!

Doctor: Look around, I'll get my new suit ready.

Sky: Fine with me!

Doctor looks around in his clothes room, humming constantly. Meanwhile, Sky presses some of the buttons on the console, making the TARDIS takes off and goes to a UNIT base where a Cyberman is fighting some soilders, but the TARDIS lands ontop of the Cyberman, so the Cyberman is in the TARDIS

Cyberman: Delete!

Sky: Doctor!

The Doctor continues to hum

Sky dodges all of the Cyberman's blasts

The Doctor pops from the other side of the console (His new costume, A cowboy hat, a long jacket, dark jeans and a alien tooth necklace)

Doctor: Hello, metal butt! You delete people but do you know how it feels?

Cyberman: Cybermen do not feel, however I will show you, primitive human!

Doctor: Thanks, then do it!

Sky: Doctor! What are you doing?

Doctor pulls up a mirror when cyberman fires at him, reflecting the blast, causing the blast to hit the Cyberman, killing it

Doctor: Ha! Who's primitive now!? Hey?

Sky: Where's the humming coming from?

Doctor: It's a recording to trick you and the Cyberman.

Sky: Nice suit.

Doctor: Do you like it?

Sky: Abit tasteless, but great.

Doctor: Just how I like, it's very alien.

Sky: Why would you want it to be alie... Oh, you are a alien aren't you?

Doctor: Yep, I'm also abit of a cheetah. This machine allows me to travel to anytime, place and shop. Now, let's see where've taken us.

Doctor smiles at Sky and he opens the door where a load of soilders point guns at him


  • The Doctor
  • Sky Volish
  • Ross Islands
  • Commander Gordan Lethbridge
  • Beth Volish (Sky's Mother)


  • (The Doctor confronts guards)
  • Doctor: "Greetings, my fellow homo..."
  • (Guards look at him strangely)
  • Doctor: "Sapiens."


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