Series 1Edit

  • The First Regeneration
  • TBA
  • TBA


The Doctor survived the Last Great Time war, sadly he was the only one. However he did not know about his son who escaped in his new TARDIS. To this day, the Doctor has no knowledge of his surviving son. However his son does know about his long last father. With his friend Cyborg, they travel Time and Space trying to find the Doctor.

Aliens and EnemiesEdit

Kayia is a Volver, when an arm is cut off or they want to send tiny spikes from their three fingers, the area glows purple and their wish comes true. They cannot do anything with this ability but it proves useful. They are on average 2 meters tall and have a heart of evil. They can morph into humans, however they only trace the species. Not the clothing. (The First Regeneration)

Other aliens coming soon...

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