The TDWP 8th and 9th Doctors

The Doctor Who Project (TDWP) is the multiple award winning Canadian Doctor Who fiction series based on the long-running BBC science-fiction television series “Doctor Who”. TDWP centers on the continuing adventures of an alternate Doctor and his companions. Stories are published as part of an overall season that concentrates on delivering a collection of short stories that sees the Doctor facing new and original situations in time and space.

Beginning in 1999, with it's own eighth incarnation of The Doctor in a Season 27 omnibus to follow on from the original BBC series, it has produced over ten seasons of stories.

Stories Edit

Season 27
No. Title Writer
001 The Final Sunset John-Gordon Swogger, Bob Furnell, Misha Lauenstein
002 Best Enemy Misha Lauenstein
003 The Doctor's New Clothes Bob Furnell
004 Stigmata Rebecca Dowgiert
005 The Timeling Theory Charles Kirchoff
006 Spirits James Margitch
007 The Pax Process Scott Marshall
008 Mercury 237 Misha Lauenstein

Season 28
No. Title Writer
009 The Cosmic Plot of Doctor Hu Misha Lauenstein
010 Black Magic Jodie van de Wetering
011 Vendetta Rebecca Dowgiert
012 Silver Plague James Margitch
013 The Darkest Day Matt Grady and Tim Jones
014 Escape Pod Misha Lauenstein

Season 29
No. Title Writer
015 Plan 8 of the Daleks Misha Lauenstein
016 Blossom Core Kyle Bastian
017 Red Spot Jodie van de Wetering
018 Blown Out of the Sky Misha Lauenstein
019 Fallout Kyle Bastian and Karen Gold
020 The Things that Matter, part 1 Tim Jones

Season 30
No. Title Writer
021 The Things that Matter, part 2 Tim Jones
022 The Rani of Chennai Misha Lauenstein
023 Second Attempt Jodie van de Wetering
024 Death of a Brigadier Bob Furnell
025 Tomb of Shadows John-Gordon Swogger
026 Nadir Elizabeth Gold
027 Tears of Rassilon Kyle Bastian
028 Leaving the Red Tim Jones

Season 31
No. Title Writer
029 The Children's Crusade Julio Angel Ortiz
030 The Covenant of Lord Byron's Bones Elizabeth Gold
031 Lokahi Kyle Bastian
032 Insight Julio Angel Ortiz
033 New Born Lesleigh Force
034 Split Infinities Mark Simpson
035 Chill John Gordon
036 Gunpowder Kyle Bastian & Julio Angel Ortiz

Season 32
No. Title Writer
037 No Rest for the Wicked Mark Simpson, Bob Furnell & Misha Lauenstein
038 The Soul Men Arnold T. Blumberg
039 Bad Feelings Jodie van de Wetering
040 Ouroborus Tim Jones
041 Flat Pack Graham Bell
042 Convergence Kyle Bastian & Jackson Rees
043 Godmaker John Gordon
044 And the Clocks Struck Thirteen Duncan Johnson

Season 33
No. Title Writer
045 The Dawn of Time John Gordon
046 The White Death Miles Reid
047 Snakecharmer Kyle Bastian & Jodie van de Wetering
048 The Conspirators Duncan Johnson
049 The Atef Crown Lesleigh Force
050 Freedom Fighter Jodie van de Wetering (story idea by Arnold T. Blumberg)
051 The Orion Express Misha Lauenstien
052 The Caged Angel Jackson Rees
053 The Shadow Emperor Mark Simpson
054 The Mist Jeff Taylor
055 The End Duncan Johnson

Season 34
No. Title Writer
056 New Beginnings John Gordon
057 The Librarian of Serapea Duncan Johnson
058 Day of the Dead Jodie van de Wetering
059 First Born Will Harvey
060 The Legend of The Green Man Alex Wilson-Fletcher
061 Laplace's Demon Craig Charlesworth
062 Does It Matter? Jodie van de Wetering
063 Seance in a Type 40 TARDIS David P. May
064 Genevieve Jeff Taylor
065 Cradle of Death John Gordon

Season 35
No. Title Writer
066 Moonlight: Part One Jack Rees with additional material by Samantha Warner
067 Moonlight: Part Two Jack Rees with additional material by Samantha Warner
068 Doctor Who and the Curse of the Jade Skull Arnold T. Blumberg with additional material by Jodie van de Wetering and Stephanie Crawford
069 Strange Meeting David P. May
070 Aurum in Plumbum Craig Charlesworth
071 Ogopogo Misha Lauenstein
072 Nine Days Duncan Johnson
073 Dreadnought Robert Mammone
074 Journey's End John Gordon

Season 36
No. Title Writer
075 The Web of Time Robert Mammone
076 The Wax Museum Jez Strickley
077 The Box of Secrets Will Harvey
078 The Goyellercanth Simon Birks
079 Questions Bob Furnell and Jez Strickley
080 And The Child Shall Lead Him Samantha Warner

Season 37
No. Title Writer
081 The Wanderer Lynn Clark
082 Noise Andrew McCoy
083 Keepsakes Simon Birks
084 The Clockmaker's Daughter Charles Heathcote & Jodie van de Wetering
085 The Plastic People Misha Lauenstein
086 Temporal Rendition Jez Strickley
087 City of the Dragon Daniel Tessier
088 Where Best Friends Are Made Arnold T. Blumberg
089 Pendragon Duncan Johnson

Brief Encounters
No. Title Writer Doctor Companion(s)
001 Fear the Dark Robert Mammone Third Doctor Sarah Jane Smith
002 Symbiosis John Davies Second Doctor Ben Jackson and Polly Wright
003 Monkey Cups Dan Tessier Sixth Doctor Peri Brown

Unreleased Stories
No. Title Writer Doctor Companion(s)
001 A Day in the Life of Tamara Scott Misha Lauenstein none Tamara Scott
002 An Attack in Time Timothy Farr First Doctor Susan Foreman
003 Ace in Wonderland Michael Rees Seventh Doctor Ace and Bernice Summerfield
004 Beauty is Only... Scott Marshall TDWP 8th Doctor Tamara Scott and Grae
005 Something More Than a Cricket Bat Will Hadcroft Sixth Doctor Melanie Bush
006 Stone and Cauldron Jodie van de Wetering TDWP 8th Doctor Grae and Tamara Scott

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