The Doctor of the Past (Promo)
Time Agent: The Doctor of the Past
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Writer: David Edwards
Producer: DJE Productions
Release Date: 7th Feburary 2010
Running Time: 40 mins
No. Episodes: 2 episode (Uploaded onto YouTube in 4 Parts)


Time Agent: The Doctor of the Past is an exclusive audio story produced by DJE Productions


Liam starts having lots of dreams about the Doctor. Only then he takes the whole team on a trip in the TARDIS to round up fallen friends and Mortis to join up to fight.


Written by David Edwards and will be read by himself.

Characters in StoryEdit

Agent Liam

Doctor Robin Turner

Dan the Cyborg

Ben the Gunman

Danny the Rookie

Bob the Flower Alien

Agent Mortis

The Doctor


Director: David Edwards

Editor: David Edwards

Music: Billy Treacy, Laura Daykin


DJE Productions website: DJE Productions

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