The Infected Earth
Doctor Who Time and Space episode
Twelfth Doctor (James Burnell)
David Ranch (Jacob Edwards)
Writer Daniel Isaac
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"Earthdeath" "Bite of the Cromatrite"

The Infected Earth is the first episode of the second season of Doctor Who Time and Space


"The Infected, it's escaped"

"Where is it now?"

"It's heading right for us, I'm picking up more signals"

"How many!"

"All Five Hundred Thousand!"

(David warning the Doctor)

David Ranch is running through the street whilst being chased by an Infected Human. He turns around and shoots the Infected claiming his name.

The Doctor arrives in 2010 present day earth, where he is confronted by an infected human. He is eventually saved by David. When the two are safe inside a warehouse, David tells the Doctor of what the creatures are, stating that a virus went throughout the whole earth and infected half a million people. The Doctor tells David that if they get to the tardis he can save all of them.

Inside the tardis the Doctor tells David why Zack left at the end of Season 1. He tells him it was because of a man named the Master. The conversation ends when an alarm goes off, and allthe infected are coming to their destination. The Doctor and David quickly run back to the warehouse where the Doctor uses a device to help boost the quality of the cure. This saves all of the infected and they turn back to humans.

The Doctor asks David to join him in the tardis, and he agrees. The Doctor then has a flashback of his adventures with Zack. As the Doctor enters the tardis a voice can be heard saying TimeLord.


The Doctor - James Burnell

David Ranch - Jacob Edwards

The Infected - Daniel Isaac

Scared Man - James Burnell


- This is David's second appearance, his first being in S1E6 Realm of Darkness

- The voice heard at the end of the episode will play a major part in season 3

- The Doctor tells David of the events of A Crack in Time and Earth

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