The Invasion of the Daleks is a Doctor Who fan audio drama written by Matthew Kopelke and produced by BTR Productions. It is the second in BTR's series of Doctor Who adventures

Story Edit

Synopsis Edit

Enjoying an open-air jazz concert in London, the Doctor and Chloe are soon thrown into the evil world of the Daleks. The Doctor is taken prisoner, while Chloe begins working for UNIT. What could the Daleks' plan possibly be this time?

Plot Edit

Two Underground workers have a very sticky encounter with the Daleks. Meanwhile, the Doctor and Chloe, both rediscovering their taste in jazz, are returning from an open-air jazz concert and are heading towards the TARDIS by train. However, there is an explosion at the station, and the Doctor and Chloe soon find themselves separated. The Doctor ends up being taken prisoner by the Daleks and Davros. Chloe, meanwhile, makes contact with UNIT and they soon learn that unless UNIT help the Daleks to escape from their crashed ship in London, the whole of London will be destroyed. Chloe becomes the Daleks liason with UNIT and gives them the message that they accept the Daleks' terms. However, the Doctor knows that even if the Daleks are freed they will still detonate their bombs. With no way of defusing the bombs, it looks as if all is over, until Chloe, learning that the bombs are magnetic, sticks them onto the side of the Dalek ship, which is destroyed. But the Doctor doesn't believe that it's the end for Davros. And as he leaves, acknowledges the fact that he'll probably be back.

Continuity Edit

Production Edit

Cast Edit

The Doctor: Matthew Kopelke

Chloe Richards: Lorna Hill

Davros: David Hutchinson

Colonel Trent: Scott Marshall

The Daleks: David Hutchinson

The Prime Minister: Jeff Kelly

Lieutenant Andrews: Witold Tietze

Alex McIntosh: Jeff Kelly

Policeman: Jeff Kelly

Major Tarrant: Mark Jones

Driver: Mark Jones

Jim Smith: David Schroder

Paul Jones: Mark Jones

PA Voice: Mark Jones

Radio Announcer: Witold Tietze

Soldiers: David Schroder, Mark Jones

Air Force Man: Witold Tietze

Captain Bambera: Lorna Hill

Crew Edit

Written by: Matthew Kopelke

Based on a Story by: Terry Nation

Additional Script: David Hutchinson, Witold Tietze, Scott Marshall

Recording Arrangement: Matthew Kopelke

Title Music: Ron Grainer

Arrangement: Dominic Glynn

Incidental Music: Malcolm Clarke

Editing, Special Sound: Matthew Kopelke

Producer: Matthew Kopelke

Director: Matthew Kopelke

Links Edit

 BTR Productions - Official Website

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