Time Agent: The Lone Flower Alien
Time Agent Deleted Episode The Lone Flower Alien04:49

Time Agent Deleted Episode The Lone Flower Alien

Time Agency
East Region
Billy Treacy (Agent Liam)
Harry Williams (Ben)
Matt Williams (Danny)
Sebby Treacy (Dan)
Guest Cast Unknown (Flower Alien)
Writer Billy Treacy
Producer(s) Billy Treacy
Jaime Carroll
Director(s) Billy Treacy
Jaime Carroll
Production code 1.XX
Series Time Agent: Lost Episode

Original YouTube

Broadcast 20 January 2010
Preceded by Unknown
Followed by

The Lone Flower Alien is a lost episode from the British science fiction YouTube fan series Time Agent. It was filmed in the same style as Time Agent Series Two, in HD.


Agent Liam and the team are in the height of a chase when they come across a trap.

It is likely that this episode was filmed during series 2 as the actors, particularly Matt and Seb look older themselves in series 1

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