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The Lost
Season: 2
Story Number: 2
Doctor: Ronn Smith
Companions: Amara, Grae
Writer: Jonithan Patrick Russell
Producer: Dream Realm Enterprises
Release Date: 12 Nov. 08
Running Time: 42:07
No. Episodes: 2
Previous Story: War Torn
Following Story: Harbingers



When Amara mysteriously disappears from within the TARDIS, The Doctor and Grae decide to search for her in the underground ruins of a strange planet. There they discover a lost colony of Amara's people from the planet known as Lexos. But is it really known by another, more ancient name? What will they find within the caverns of the strange underground settlement? Their lost companion? And if so, will Amara ever be the same again?


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Ronn Smith: The Doctor
Sara Garrard as Grae
Shannon Hilchie as Amara
Jeff Niles as Kendra


Executive Producer: Jonithan Patrick Russell
Director: Jonithan Patrick Russell
Sound Design: Stevie K. Farnaby & Jonithan Patrick Russell
Post Production Editing: Jeff Niles
Producer: Kyle Borcz
Co-Producer: Ronn Smith

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The Lost (DRE site)

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