The Master
Affiliated with: Time Lord
Home planet: Gallifrey
First appearance: The Ten Doctors
Last appearance: Pudsai

(to date)

Series: BBC Canon Character

For a more detailed history of the official canon of The Master visit the The Master article at Tardis Index File.

Appearances in Fan MediaEdit


Audio DramasEdit

The Doctor Who Audio DramasEdit

NOTE: Due to the fact the majority of the DWAD's stories are unreleased, there are probably many more appearances of the Master before Countdown to Armageddon.

Fan FilmEdit

The Projection RoomEdit

Teenz IncEdit

The Christopher Thompson SeriesEdit
  • Infection From Within / Destructive Conclusion

DAM ProductionsEdit

A Very Muzzy ProductionEdit

Eleventh Productions 

  • TBA

Fan FictionEdit


  • The Emerald Bomb (1970)
  • Children of the Bomb (1971)
  • Aspects of Evil (1971)
  • Escape to Tomorrow (1971)
  • The Darkest Day (1972)
  • The Fountain of Time (1973)
  • The Final Game (1973)
  • The Flavia Trap (1975)
  • The Depths of Fear (1984)
  • Day of the Cybermen (1985)
  • The Grogenshire Inheritance (1985)
  • The Brain of Evil (1986)
  • The Photonic Invasion of Gallifrey (1988/89)
  • The Devils of Highwood (1989)
  • Return of the Autons (1990)
  • Dimension Hunt (1990)
  • Shadow From Space (1990)
  • Ape (1990)
  • Revenge from the Deep (1990)
  • The Vardos Agenda (1990)
  • The Emissary of Darkness (1990)
  • The Chronos Shield (1990)
  • The Black Alliance (1990)
  • The Lost Legion (1991)
  • The Ghost Planet (1992)
  • The Army of Blood (1992)
  • The Curse of Davros (1992)
  • The New Flesh (1992)
  • The Final Day (1992)
  • The Hands of the Aten (1993)
  • The Eight Doctors (1993)
  • The Scream of the Sirens (1995)
  • First Contact / Probe (2000)
  • Hush / A Sting in the Tale (2001)
  • The Box Under the Christmas Tree (2001)
  • Tomb of the Time Lords / Gallifrey Rises (2006)
  • The Kidnapper's Unmasked (2009)
  • Paradox War (2011)
  • The Twelve Doctors (2013)

Fan Film MastersEdit

The Projection RoomEdit

Robin Castle Master (1994) Appearance(s): The Crystal of Achillon

Orazio Rea Master (1995) Appearance(s): The Deadly Alliance

Philip Newton Master (1996-2008) Appearance(s) to date: A Stitch in Time - Pudsai (DAM Productions Fan Film)

Teenz IncEdit

The Chrisopher Thompson SeriesEdit

Benji Clifford Master (2006) Appearance(s): Infection From Within / Destructive Conclusion

A Very Muzzy ProductionEdit

====The Cloaked Master==== (Portrayed by Matthew Moir & Callum Willox)

Appearance(s): Hooded Evil (Part 2)

Fan Edit WebcastsEdit

The Enemy Within
The Dream Master
The Last Great Time War

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