The Master of Worlds
Doctor Who Time and Space episode
Twelfth Doctor (James Burnell)
Zack Rogers (Daniel Isaac)
Writer Daniel Isaac
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"Time Twins" "A Crack in Time"

The Master of Worlds is the eighth episode of the first season of Doctor Who Time and Space

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"Jos, just please stop it!"
"Use my real name,"
"Master, I beg you!"
"Too late!"

The Doctor pleading to the Master

The Doctor and Zack run inside the tardis, having just escaped a hive of giant ants. Inside the tardis they get an incoming transmission, and the Doctor sees a familiar face. They travel to the earth in the future to meet a man named Jos, an old friendof the Doctors. Inside Jos tells him and Zack about a vespiform that is running around the city, and also about a crack in time which will destory the world if it isn't sealed.

He asks the Doctor if he can go into the tardis and close the crack, the Doctor slowly accepts. When Zack was alone in the room, Jos came in to talk about how the Doctor always loses his companions. Zack then runs to the Doctor asking if it was true, and the Doctor said yes.

The next day Jos and Zack are in the tardis, then Jos leaves. He enters the kitchen and knocks out the Doctor, saying that he never should have trusted him. Jos returns to the tardis and knocks Zack out with his laser screwdriver. When he awakens he asks Jos who he is, and Jos just openly mocks him. Jos tells him that he is the Doctor's enemy, in which Zack pulls out a gun at Jos. Zack shoots the roof to prove that he would shoot him. The two then struggle and Jos gets shot.

The Doctor quickly enters the room after recovering, and tells Zack that Jos is cloning the tardis through a crack in time. The Doctor then pleads to Jos, who then asks hom to use his real name. The Doctor then says Master I beg you, revealing Jos to actually be his nemesis. The Master then starts regenerating, and then teleports halfway through his regeneration, not revealing who he was going to look like. The Doctor then explains that the Master is in his cloned tardis, and stands there, staring into the open space.


The Doctor- James Burnell

Zack Rogers- Daniel Isaac

Jos/The Master- Kristian Atkins


- It is told in Season 2 that Crastoff the Cromatrite actually saved Jos from the time war and put him on earth

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