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5A - "The Mortis Code"
Time Agent Series One Episode Five The Mortis Code11:54

Time Agent Series One Episode Five The Mortis Code

Time Agency
East Region
Billy Treacy (Agent Liam)
Harry Williams (Ben)
Sebby Treacy (Dan)
Matt Williams (Danny)
Guest Cast Jaime Carroll (Agent Mortis)
Sebby Treacy, Matt Williams, Harry Williams (Aliens)
Producer(s) Billy Treacy
Jaime Carroll
Director(s) Billy Treacy
Production code 1.5
Series Time Agent: Series I

Original YouTube

Broadcast 7 September 2008
Preceded by "The Lone Troop"
Followed by "Dark Revelations"
For the prison universe, see The Mortis Code (prison).

"The Mortis Code" is the fifth episode of the first series of British science fiction YouTube fan series Time Agent.


With the loss of a friend, and the team disbanded, can Liam put things right again? And just what is waiting inside the Mortis code..?


"Mortis" is Latin for "death",[1] hence the reason behind Agent Mortis' name.[2]


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