After Years
The Nightmare Begins
Series: 1
Story Number: 12
Doctor: The 25th Doctor
Companions: TBA
Enemy: Nightmare
Setting: TBA
Previous Story: Fear itself
Following Story: The Last Stand

The Nightmare Begins is the twelfth episode in season 1 of Doctor Who: After Years and is the second part of the Nightmare trilogy.



Sky is stook on a planet that will tell the story of Nightmare, while the Doctor is captured by the Daleks and Krave meets some old friends of the Doctor.


Beth is ambushed by four daleks, but help comes to the rescue as River Song, Alberto and Gordan come through a portal and River and Gordan fire futuristic guns at the Daleks, destroying them. Beth joins the trio and explains everything that has happened to the Doctor and Sky. River also explains that she, Gordan and Alberto were captured by Nightmare and they joined to escape.

The Doctor is seen in a prison on a Dalek ship and the Daleks demand the right to kill the Doctor, but the Cyber-Dalek tells them cannot as Nightmare would kill them and mainly, the Cyber-Dalek would kill them.

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