Puppet doc
The Puppet 10th Doctor
No. seasons: 1
No. stories: 7
First appearance: Genesis of the Moleks
Last appearance: The Sound of Dumb
Portrayed by: Voice Actor: Tony Coburn for 6 episodes and Christopher Thomson for one / Puppeteer: Jay Tyson
Series: Doctor Puppet Films


The Puppet 10th Doctor is based on David Tennants performance as the real Doctor in Doctor Who. He is voiced by Tony Coburn for 6 out of the 7 episodes and then by Christopher Thomson for the episode "The Christmas Planet" Both performers did a fantastic job creating the Tennant like expressions in their performance. With the puppet character we try and give him the energy and intensity the real David Tennant has with the obvious limitations of a puppet. Two of the 7 episodes are finished and once the rest are done we will be retiring our 10th Doctor around the same time that David Tennant himself says goodbye to the tardis.



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