The Rogue Meteorite
Tenth Doctor Missing Adventures episode
Tenth Doctor
Writer Catkind121
Broadcast 15th September 2009
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Cat short for Catrona is part of a gang of thieves. There task is to rob the time agency, when they get there they find three dead bodies. One of the gang Joseph is killed by a monster that is 100 times the size of a catterpillar. It chases them into a time machine. But Cat manages to kill it. The Doctor meanwhile has been halted in his Tardis. He detects an alien has summoned him. It turns out it is a butterfly person whos flight was stopped by time travel. Cat wakes up in the 21st Century with her friends. Troubles with black mail and her life can she get out of this sittuation, as two aliens plot to release a creature in a Meteorite that would eat all earths life forms.


  • Tenth Doctor - Travels to earth after he detects a Butterfly Person. Ends up helping UNIT fight a monster and meets a Time Traveller called Catrona how becomes his companion.
  • Catrona
  • Samuel - Blackmailed Catrona into joining his gang other wise he would rat her up to the Hunts People.
  • Zo - A member of the gang when she enters the time agency she finds three bodies. It later transpires that the bodies are of her, Samuel and Ben.
  • Ben
  • Joseph - First person to die in the gang.
  • Captain Harry Higgs - UNIT Captain is very pleased to meet the tenth doctor.
  • Charolatte - A woman sitting in an undergrond train when a Meteorite hits it destroying the first two carraiges. She was taken over by Lure and she advised the Corpean Catterpillar on what humans to kill.
  • Lure
  • Lax
  • Ceerinnian High Council


  • Cat Becomes the doctors new companion.
  • Butterfly people have featured in the Sarah Jane Adventures and Torchwood.
  • Previos companion Captain Jack Harkness worked for the Time Agency.
  • UNIT appear in this story.

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