The Sontaran Masterplan
Huw Thomas Doctor
James Jones (Played By Evan-John Thomas)
Writer Huw Thomas
Director Huw Thomas
Studio HT Productions
Broadcast 8th March 2009
Production code 1.1
Running time 8 Minutes
Number of
1 episode
← Preceded by Followed by →
"" "Destroyer Of Worlds"



When The doctor and his companion james as resting by a tree on the eye of orion,a sontaran ship appears and crashes. a sontaran pod lands infront of them and the doctor and james are teleported onto the sontaran mothership.


This episode features the eye of orion,last seen in the five doctors. this episode also sees the return of the sontarans,who are now slightly re-designes with elements of the classic version and the new version.


The majority of filming took place in september 2008,with the final scene with the sontaran emporer being filmed only a few weeks before the release date. the sontaran head was built by Huw Thomass' uncle,Steven Thomas. original the sontaran head had a removable helmet,but during filming,the top of the helmet fell off and smashed on the floor,hence the helmet not being used in the final film. the location used for the eye of orion was a hillside,with the exterior of the sontaran ship being a broken-down digger and the interior was an extension to a house still being built.


The Doctor: Huw Thomas
James: Evan-John Thomas
Sontarans: Huw Thomas


Huw Thomas: Director, Actor,writor and editor
Steven Thomas: Producer and Maker of the sontaran costume
Evan-John Thomas: Actor

Production NotesEdit

The Sontaran Helmet smashed during filming. huw,still in the sontaran costume,just laughed and evan got annoyed. Split-screen was used to portray the sontaran soildier and sontaran king in one shot. the same thing was used in the scene inwhich the doctor kills the sontaran emprorer with chrononic acid. This is quite possibly the first fan-film to involve sontarans,considering shakdown as an official production.


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