The Third War
Doctor Who Time and Space episode
Twelfth Doctor (James Burnell)
Zack Rogers (Daniel Isaac)
Writer Daniel Isaac
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"To Hell and Back" "War and Peace"

The Third War is the fourth episode of the first season of Doctor Who Time and Space

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"We came from space to this distant land, to breed and destroy all human life,"

The Valcroma guard

The Doctor takes Zack to the mid 23rd century, into the middle of a bush, but they are soon encountered by firing soldiers who tell them it is World War Three. They then take the Doctor and Zack back to their base, where Steve Links and Luke Heril explain how the war started and what happened at the bombing of Mt Calos. Luke then explains that the enemy Russians are coming anf they must gear up. The Doctor then puts out a call for help, but there is no reply.

Later on after the attack the Doctor and Zack are held at gunpoint by a human soldier who explains the russians didn't start the war it was them, pointing at Luke and Steve. The Doctor then works out that it was aliens who attakced earth, The Valcroma of Posca. The Doctor, Zack and the man then run away, but Zack is shot unconscious. The Doctor then is pulled away by the human soldier, shouting "I'll save you!"


The Doctor- James Burnell

Zack Rogers- Daniel Isaac

Luke Heril- Daniel Lawrence

Steve Links- Christopher Ness

Human Soldier- Jacob Edwards


- The Bombing of Mt Calos is mentioned in this episode, as in episode 3 of Season 2 it is actually witnessed

- The Human soldier that rescues the Doctor is actually David Ranch from episode 6 of Season 1. It is explained that the Doctor has met David on several occasions by Crastoff. He has appeared in episode 2 as the Housekeeper, episode 4 as the Human soldier, episode 6 as himself.

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