Season One - The Time Manipulator
The Twelfth Doctor (Tom Denham)
Reece (James Bulloch) and Tracey (Crystal Blythe-Riley)
Tom Denham
Karl Munton
Preceded by (Unknown)

Followed by

The Angel Infection


The Twelfth Doctor's first adventure in Time and Space!


The 11th Doctor is trapped on the planet Mars trying to save a group of Draconians from the Ice Warrior's plans to invade Earth. The Doctor then is frozen to death by the Ice Warriors and regenerates. He then finds the TARDIS and lands on Earth in the year 2020. Reece and Tracey happen to meet each other on the same day by coincidence. They soon discover the mysterious '"blue box" on the street corner. They meet the new Doctor. The newly regenerated Twelfth Doctor has been requested by the White Guardian (who now rules over the Shadow Proclamation) must embark on a journey with his two companions Reece and Tracey to find the Time Manipulator; a device that can be used to meddle and reshape time to one's perfection, and no worse to have this ghastly device in the hands of the Master! The Master kidnaps Tracey and takes her to a duplicate of the Doctor's TARDIS that the Master is using. We soon discover that the Black Guardian is using the Master to harness the power of the Time Manipulator, and tries to do so when he has both the Doctor and the Master on the planet Xathron. The Black Guardian is told by the Doctor that he invented the Time Manipulator to pass a degree in the Prydon Academy on Gallifrey and was abandoned. He tells the Black Guardian that only Time lords could use it. Once the Shadow Proclamation come to arrest the Master, he disappears and the Doctor "accidentally on purpose" refers to the Black Guardian as the Master. The Black Guardian takes the chance to win his victory by killing Tracey.

The Doctor, in disgrace, returns Reece home.


  • When the Doctor confronts the Black Guardian, he refers to the episode "The Time Monster" that the Master and the Doctor meddled with each other's inventions.
  • The Doctor refers to the Judoon as the pigs (a rude term for policeman). When they arrive at the Shadow Proclamation, they realise the Judoon had been abolished.
  • The TARDIS has been half-destroyed during regeneration, and the Doctor uses the Secondary Console room like the one used in Season 14.
  • The TARDIS console is also heavily based off the one used in "Dr Who and the Daleks"
  • The Doctor has the 900 year diary, like the one at the beginning of "The TV Movie"
  • The incorporated clips in Episode 2 originate from episodes; "The Curse of Peladon" "Frontier in Space" "Terror of the Zygons" and "The End of Time - Part One"

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