The Time Rapture
Doctor Who Time and Space episode
The Thirteenth Doctor
Writer Daniel Isaac
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"Brothers of Time" "Alone in the Dark"

The Time Rapture is a short Children-in-Need special for the fan series Doctor Who Time and Space.



The Doctor sits in a backyard completely bored out of his brains. He says that he's seen everything in the universe but quickly changes his mind as he realises he hasn't seen everything. He decides to go and see the 1969 moonlanding again. A future 13th Doctor (approx only 20 seconds into the future) arrives and tells the Doctor about a time rapture that is about to destroy the world. The future Doctor then sends the Doctor back 20 seconds in time to tell himself what to do.

Another future Doctor appears and tells the Doctor (the first future now present doctor) about what else to do. He too sends the present Doctor back in time to tell himself what to say to himself. The third Doctor now present Doctor then encounters a fourth future Doctor who sends him back one last time. The fourth future Doctor (now the present Doctor) now knows exactly what to do (having been told by himself what to do three times).

The Doctor runs to the Tardis and closes the Time Rapture and is thankful that it is all over.


This episode was originally written by Rhain Radford-Burns and titled "Over the Horizon", before being changed to "Drop of the World". It was to star Radford-Burns as the Dream Lord. Radford-Burns had previously written "The Beckoning Shadows", which was replaced by "Touch of an Angel" in the series run.

Later, when Radford-Burns was unable to film his scenes as the Dream Lord, Daniel Isaac re-wrote the episode was "The Time Rapture".

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