The Truth
Tenth Doctor Missing Adventures episode
Tenth Doctor
Writer Catkind121
Broadcast 18th of September
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"Killer Queen" "The Trail"



Cat is worried she has had this worry for most of her life. She wonders about the statis of her parents. She is worried that the hunts people have killed them for sport. The doctor agrees to take her but the leader of the hunts people has a vengful vow. To get rid of every werecat in the universe.


  • Tenth Doctor - Takes Catrona to her home planet to find out whether her parents are still alive. Stops the selling of Were Cat fur and ends of duelling The Grand Huntsman who turns out to be a Were Wolf himself.
  • Catrona - Finds out the Huntspeople can hunt on the wastelands. Saves parents from death and battles the hunts people.
  • Carpalian Witch - An old enemy of the doctors. Summons the moon to make all the Werecats transform.
  • The Grand Huntsman - A human who was bit by a were wolf. He vowed to take out every feral crwature in the galaxy.
  • Olga - A member of an Ogre Like Species. She is killed by Catrona after she tried to kill Were cat younglings.
  • Typhras - Father to Catrona she finds him hiding with her mother in a cave.
  • Lenna - Mother of Catrona she and her husband have been excilled from the main city and thus they can never return.


  • This book ends in a Cliff Hanger, Catrona and the doctor are put on trail for entering the waste lands. Which is seen as illegal in the Were Cats Councils eyes.
  • Catrona is reunited with her parents.

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