The Two Doctors and the Anti-Matter Menace
Third Doctor, Fourth Doctor
Romana, K-9
Writer Jeff Smith
Director Jeff Smith
Studio Wet Paint Productions
Broadcast 1985 / 2004
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Running time 17 minutes
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The Third and Fourth Doctors, independent of each other, are caught in an energy beam, and forced to make an emergency landing on Skaro. Once there, they join forces and discover that Davros and his army of Daleks are serving the renegade Time Lord Omega, who wants to use Earth as a power source to stabilize his corporeal form, ultimately destroying the planet. The Two Doctors, along with Romana and K-9, confront the dual villains and try to stop their nefarious plans. It's a comedy, a spoof, a bit of fun.


Originally shot as a just-for-fun project by a bunch of Southern Illinois Who fans, the film was later re-edited with digital technology and revamped for a new millennium.

Writer/Director - Jeff Smith


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