Unbound Tenth Doctor
No. seasons: 3
No. stories: 16
First appearance: Worn Out Faces, Worn Out Places
Last appearance: The Night of the Daleks
Portrayed by: Don Chandler
Preceded by: Unbound Ninth Doctor
Succeeded by: The Unbound Eleventh Doctor
Series: Swinging Lizards Productions (Formally Teenage Timelords)

The Unbound Tenth Doctor is the tenth incarnation of the Doctor from a parallel universe, where the Time War and anything after that (the revived series) never occurred.


This incarnation of the Doctor came to life when his Ninth self was aboard a Dalek Battle Cruiser. Before he was able to destroy the craft, he was mortally wounded by Robomen. Having destroyed the ship, the Doctor was able to drop off an un-named companion back on Earth before regenerating. Soon after his regeneration, he encountered The Master (Worn Out Faces, Worn Out Places), Zygons (The Far Reach of the Universe), and Ice Warriors (Mystery on Mars).

During his travels he met many of his previous enemies, however the most constant were Davros and his Imperial Daleks. At this point in history, the Daleks were locked in a war with the Ice Warriors, causing mass casualties on either side. During one such encounter The Doctor was exterminated, causing his body to start regenerating (The End of My Journeys), however he managed so save himself using a piece of technology disguised as a pocket watch.

After several more adventures, battling Mechanoids (The Metal Malice) and Cybermen (Snowstorm), the TARDIS detected a Dalek war ship that had survived the Dalek/Ice Warrior war. The Doctor tried to slingshot the ship back to Skaro, but instead sent it to 20th-Century Earth. In an attempt to stop the Daleks from turning Earth into a new Skaro, the Doctor enlisted the help of a human, Reg, in destroying the Dalek ship with a surface to air rocket launcher. The Doctor landed the TARDIS inside the Dalek ship, keeping them distracted while Reg destroyed the ship, however the TARDIS couldn't escape the explosion in time, receiving massive damage before crash-landing on Earth.

Using his last amount of strength, the Doctor stumbled outside the Ship and collapsed, regenerating into a new body (Night of the Daleks).


This Doctor's attitude towards life is a lot more relaxed than previous incarnations, often taking things well within his stride. A self confessed tea addict, he would rather spend his time relaxing aboard his TARDIS than being the "hero". This changes towards the end of his life, becoming a bit more proactive, such as when he tries to steer the Dalek ship away from Earth (Night of the Daleks).

Unlike previous incarnations, this Doctor is much more of a loner, always travelling alone. Whether this is by choice is not known. The only time he ever had anyone that could be considered a companion was when he met Reg right before his death.


Staggeringly tall, reaching over six foot seven inches. His long, dark hair is draped either side of his face. In contrast to his previous self, this Doctor's dress sense is a lot more toned down, consisting of black cargo pants, black short-sleeved shirt and a tatty navy-blue blazer. Initially he wore black converse all-stars, but later these changed to black dress shoes. On a few occasions he is also seen to wear a brown coloured duffle coat with wool lining.

During his encounter with the Zygons, he wore a totally different outfit made up of black suit trousers, a white shirt and a black cloak with the seal of Rassilon attached on the left hand side.


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