Unbound Tenth Doctor
No. seasons: 0 yet.
First appearance: TBC
Portrayed by: Don Chandler
Preceded by: Unbound Ninth Doctor
Succeeded by: The Unbound Eleventh Doctor
Series: ThirdTechGuy

This has been edited to be inline with the proposed remake of the Doctor Who : Unbound Tenth series.

The Unbound Tenth Doctor is the tenth incarnation of the Doctor from a parallel universe, where the Time War and anything after that (the revived series) never occurred.



This incarnation of the Doctor came to life when his Ninth self was aboard a Dalek Battle Cruiser. He sets out to destroy the craft but he is mortally wounded by the explosion. Having destroyed the ship, the Doctor's TARDIS crash landed in a field. The Doctor regenerated upon landing. [Regeneration Scene]


 This Doctor's attitude towards life is a lot more relaxed than previous incarnations, often taking things well within his stride. A self confessed tea addict, he would rather spend his time relaxing aboard his TARDIS than being the "hero"


Staggeringly tall, reaching six foot nine inches. His long, dark hair is draped either side of his face. Like like eighth incarnation his Doctor's dress sense is a lot victorian consisting of a white wing tip shirt, a orange cravat, a red waistcoat black dinner jacket, black trousers and boots. 


[Series Trailer]

[Youtube Channel]

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