The Warrior Goddess
Season: "The Vaults"
Story Number: 4
Doctor: Aron Toman Doctor
Companions: Astra
Writer: Aron Toman
Producer: Crossover Adventure Productions
Release Date: 4 December 1998, 18 January 1999, 2 February 1999
Running Time: 50 minutes
No. Episodes: 5 episodes
Previous Story: Dalek Slayers
Following Story: The Woodsboro Murders



"The Doctor has landed on a doomed ship, the most famous of all doomed ships, the Titanic! I need not elaborate further, do I Callisto?"

Angered over his recent defeat, the Black Guardian seeks out a new champion to destroy the Doctor. Upon hearing about Xena's archenemy, Callisto, he saves her from her death-by-hind's blood and gives her one message - kill the Doctor. The Doctor stops her once, but after that, the TARDIS makes a landing on one of the most famous ships in the world - the Titanic. But all goes wrong upon the doomed ship, not only through the arrival of the insane goddess Callisto, but through an enemy the Doctor knows only too well...


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For Callisto, this adventure occurs immediately after the Xena: Warrior Princess episode "Sacrifice".


Starring Aron Toman as the Doctor, this crossover features Hudson Leick as Callisto from Xena: Warrior Princess and the stars from the movie Titanic. This adventure also introduces Coren Idle as Astra, the Doctor's new companion.


The Doctor/Black Guardian: Aron Toman
Astra: Coren Idle
Callisto: 'Hudson Leick'
Xena: 'Lucy Lawless'
Rose DeWitt Bukater: 'Kate Winslet'
Jack Dawson: 'Leonardo DiCaprio'
Cal: 'Billy Zane'
Master At Arms: 'Ron Donachie'
Ruth Dewitt Bukater: 'Francis Fisher'
Molly Brown: 'Kathy Bates'
JJ Astor: 'Eric Braeden'
The Valeyard: 'Michael Jayston'
Mr Andrews: 'Victor Garber'
Captain Smith: 'Bernard Hill'
Gabrielle: 'Renee O'Connor'


Sound Design: Aron Toman
Music: Aron Toman
Original Theme: Ron Grainer
Arrangement: Aron Toman
Cover Art: Aron Toman
Director/Producer: Aron Toman

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Downloadable audio page @ Crossover Adventure Productions

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